Abaco Display Show Room Rack

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Quick Overview

Display Showroom Rack is ideal for displaying finished slabs in your showroom or at any trade show. It is constructed with 2 symmetric four-layer tiers joined by 2 crossed rails. It is easy to move around with 2 swivel casters and 2 rigid casters. It is adjustable to suit different lengths of displayed materials from 40-inch to 70-inch. It can be completely folded or folded for storage when not in use. Brake mechanism is installed on each caster for one side to stabilize and stop the rack from moving. A simple design and easy to assemble.

Product Details

Model Number

Length Range (in)
Width (in) 
Height (in)
Net Weight (lbs)
W.L.L. (lbs)
W.L.L. of Each Branch (lbs)
46 9/16 -74 9/16
50 1/16
85 13/16