Durand Wayland A1-0168 Sprayer

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Spray tank features stainless basket style strainer with wash through tube constructed of premium 304 stainless steel with mechanical stainless agitation and paddles 500 gallon tank ____1893L 600 gallon tank ____2271L 1000 gallon tank ___3785L 44_ (1.12 meter) diameter ten blade variable pitch axial flow fan is made of rugged high strength fiberglass reinforced polyamide and operates at 2100 rpm Centrifugal clutch included with all models CANplus in-cab display with oil and water temperature shutdown capabilities Remote manual left and right spray valve controls with electric throttle control Centrifugal two stage pump rated at 100 gpm (378 lpm) at 200 psi (13.8 bar) and operates at 90 gpm (340 lpm) at 180 psi (12.4 bar) Stainless fan housing with stainless straightening vanes for optimal air performance Fan shaft bearings can be greased from outside of fan housing 28 Spray Systems nozzles per side in two rows include ceramic discs and whirl plates with individual shutoffs Tires and wheels: 1705A 1706A 2005A 2006A ____19L x 16.1 _ 10 ply 1710A 2010A ___________21.5 x 16 _ 14 ply Stainless
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