Durand Wayland A1-0203 Sprayer

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Tanks are round unpainted 304 14-gauge stainless steel with mechanical agitation with vented 1/8 turn poly hinged lid and plastic basket filler strainer 300 gallon tank ____ 1135 liter 400 gallon tank ____ 1514 liter 500 gallon tank ____ 1893 liter Tires skirted to protect fruit 32_ (.82 m) twelve blade variable pitch with inside air handling Pump options include Bertolini PAS908-3 piston diaphragm pump with 23.8 gpm @ 540 rpm to 725 psi Bertolini PAS144-4 piston diaphragm pump with 37 gpm @ 540 rpm to 725 psi 7 Spraying System single rollover ceramic nozzles per side with individual on/off valve and check valve Constant velocity PTO shaft Remote manual left and right spray control valve plus remote bypass valve (electric or hydraulic options available) Suction strainer mounted for easy access has cylindrical filter and built in check valve Two speed gearbox with neutral variable for 30-60 hp tractors Hitch is straight or tracking (see table below) Axle is 4-way adjustable height and width wise Stainless blower housing on all models Stainless steel manifolds Heavy duty jack stand Tank level sight gauge is mounted to front of tank One step per side on 400 gallon and 500 gallon units (no steps on 300 gallon) Pressure gauge 0-1000 psi (0-69 bar) is mounted to front of tank
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