Jay-Lor 5575 Single Mixer

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Jaylor Single Auger TMR mixers are available in a variety of configurations ranging in capacity from 350 to 575 cubic feet (ft3 ). They are ideal for feeding small to mid-sized dairy and cow-calf operations medium-sized beef feedlots (especially backgrounding and grower operations) as well as large sheep and goat facilities. Each one is an industry leader in its class at quickly processing round or square baled hay and/or baleage into uniform rations that will resist sorting. The 5400 is a _low-profile_ machine and ideal for using with smaller skid-steer loaders or wherever height is limited. All these mixers come standard with the patented Jaylor auger and the full range of innovations (page 3) warranties (page 20) and with a full range of options (pages 15-18) to create your tailored feeding solution.