Jay-Lor 5750 Twin Auger

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Jaylor 5000 Series Twin Auger TMR mixers are available in a wide range of configurations in capacities from 615 to 960 cubic feet (ft3 ). These machines are used to feed larger dairy and cow-calf operations and feedlots ranging in size from as little as a hundred head up to thousands of head. Each one is an industry leader in its class at processing round or square baled hay and baleage into uniform rations which are resistant to sorting during eating in a minimum amount of time. They are also ideal for mixing pre-processed silage and grain rations including high grain finishing rations with which full mix uniformity is achieved in as little as three to five minutes. The _Low Profile_ 5600 is capable of being used with skid-steer loaders. All these mixers come standard with patented Jaylor augers and the full range of innovations (page 3) warranties (page 20) and with a full range of options (pages 15-18) to create your tailored feeding solution.