Jay-Lor 5750HD Twin Auger HD

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The Jaylor 5000HD Series Twin Auger TMR Mixers are larger and are designed for heavier loads and for use over rougher surfaces than the standard 5000 Series Twin Auger Mixers. They are available in a full range of configurations in capacities from 800 to 1295 cubic feet (ft3 ). They have a heavier frame and sub-structure cast dual-axle walking beam assemblies with extra heavy-duty axles and hubs and heavier duty wheels and tires. They also come with thicker auger flighting and floors. Together these enhancements make the Jaylor HD mixers capable of blending and transporting mixes that are up to 75% heavier; ideal for large dairies and beef operations. Each HD series mixer is an industry leader in its class at efficiently and rapidly processing round or square baled hay and baleage into uniform rations that are resistant to sorting and ideal for mixing pre-processed silage and grain rations in as little as three to five minutes. All the HD mixers come standard with 3/4-in. thick patented Jaylor augers and the full range of innovations (page 3) warranties (page 20) and with a full range of options (pages 15-18) to create your tailored feeding solution.
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