Jay-Lor D1026 Dump Wagon

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Jaylor_s new dump wagon is engineered to be simple and robust providing years of trouble free performance. Cambered commercial-grade highway axles and brakes are standard equipment along with oil bath hubs making the chassis virtually maintenance-free. Our unique cylinder configuration provides exceptional stability and requires less oil volume than conventional multi-stage cylinders eliminating the need for auxiliary hydraulic oil tanks. The design of our Up-and-Over tailgate opening with a four-inch body taper accounts for its unparalleled ability to empty its full load quickly. Wide footprint low pressure tires provide added stability and low compaction especially in wet conditions beyond the capability of trucks. The low wide box design makes it easier to load from the operator_s view of a combine or chopper. Jaylor has built this wagon to outperform all others with design features such as spring suspension built into the tongue to soften the ride over rough terrain and lessening wear on the tractor. Whether it_s our rugged design ease of maintenance or ease of operation simplicity sums it up best so you can get out there and dump_n run with confidence.
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