MacDon A30D Mower Conditioner Pull-Type

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All M Series Windrowers have received a significant horsepower boost thanks to the addition of Cummins engines across the board. At the top of the scale is the M205, which takes on all challenges thanks to its high powered Cummins turbo diesel engine (220 HP/164 kW at a rated 2,200 RPMs) that can automatically power boost to 230 HP (170 kW) when in extreme conditions. Powerful enough to run draper headers up to 40' (12.2 m), this tier 3 engine is fuel efficient and environment friendly. Equipped with Intermediate Speed Control (ISC) all header functions operate at full power with reduced engine RPM for increased fuel savings. Both the M155 and M105 also enjoy upgraded power with new tier 3 Cummins engines of their own.

Product Details

In MacDon's never-ending quest to perfect the harvesting experience MacDon offers the latest advance in hay and forage harvesting _ the MacDon A30-D Pull-Type Mower Conditioner. Incorporating MacDon_s extensive harvesting knowledge and experience we_ve optimized this double knife drive machine_s performance at every contact point with the crop. This has significantly improved overall cutting and conditioning performance and provided an increase in ground speed over previous MacDon Mower Conditioners. The A30-D_s design improvements are extensive and include adjustable conditioning a new heavy-duty cutterbar design a double knife drive system and a beefed up easier to attach hitch. The result is a commercial quality machine that the high acreage producer can depend on to get the job done while maximizing the nutrient value of his crop.