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The machine that_s redefined auger windrowing capacity reliability conditioning and windrow formation: these are the hallmarks of a great auger windrow. They are also exactly what you get with MacDon_s A Series Augers thanks to the single-minded efforts of MacDon_s engineers to produce the best auger windrower possible. They started their design jMacDon'sney by examining every contact point with the crop and enhancing each one so that crop flow and handling remain optimized under a wide range of conditions. The result is significantly increasedcapacity in just about all hay and forage crops. But they didn_t stop with just increasing capacity. They_ve also added a number of other features to make yMacDon's harvesting experience better than ever. Top among these is their up-powered all-hydraulic design with on-the-go hydraulic reversing capability of reel sickle auger and conditioner on the A40-D models. This allows the operator to be in full control of all harvesting adjustments from the comfort of the operator_s seat _ a real time saver when adjusting to challenging crop conditions. FEATURES _ On-the-go hydraulic drive of reel sickle auger and conditioner allows the operator to be in full control of all aspects of hay and forage harvesting from the operator_s seat (header drive reversing requires valve on SP tractor and is only available on M205 and M155 models) _ Cam forward reel tine control reduces loading on bearings and cam-track for quieter operation and longer life _ Highly durable poly auger pans for improved crop flow and reduced dirt build up and rock damage _ N-bar non-contact steel conditioner rolls for optimum conditioning action _ Optional double windrower attachment SIZES _ 14 ft. (4.3 m) _ 16 ft. (4.9 m) _ 18 ft. (5.5 m) _WE HAVE MUCH MORE TIME FOR THE REST OF THE FARM THANKS TO MacDon's M150S._ _ Chris Gross Riverbend Farms Waldheim SK Chris Gross Riverbend Farms
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