MacDon D65 Windrower Draper Header

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The MacDon D65 Draper Header is designed to deliver outstanding straight cut performance especially when faced with tough harvesting conditions. Low podding downed tangled or even lodged crops; whatever the harvesting situation the MacDon D65 Draper Header excels. Combining or swathing the D65 is a true multi-crop harvesting solution. This _Can Do_ attitude delivered with MacDon reliability and performance is the reason why MacDon Draper Headers are a great fit for so many of today_s operations. SMOOTH CONSISTENT HEADS-FIRST FEEDING. IT'S WHAT SETS MacDon's MACHINES APPART. MacDon 5 Series Drapers are designed to provide smooth consistent headsfirst feeding to the combine even in the most challenging harvest conditions. Feeding crop heads-first is the best way to get the most performance out of yMacDon's combine - burning less fuel and taking less time to process means getting the crop off quicker and more efficiently. HERE'S HOW WE DO IT... Close Reel to Cutterbar Relationship - The MacDon D65 features a fixed cutter bar to reel relationship. A small critical gap between the reel fingers and the cutter bar is maintained at all times even in rough field conditions ensuring smooth feeding of the crop over the entire width of the MacDon D65 Header. Active Float System - The CA25 works with the auto-header-height-control of the combine which allows for instant float-response over changing ground conditions. Coil springs mechanically provide lateral and vertical float of the header independent of the combine feeder house which allows the D65 to float over rolling and uneven terrain. Reel Performance - The MacDon reel offers 4 adjustable cam positions allowing you to select the setting that best suits yMacDon's harvest conditions. Positions 1 and 2 are for fair harvest conditions with ripe standing crop and no green weeds or undergrowth. Positions 3 and 4 allow you to put the reel in front of and below the cutter bar for lifting downed and low podding crop. You can also use the header tilt and fore-aft reel positioning for even more aggressive action when required.
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