MacDon M205 Windrower

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Quick Overview

The Tier 4 emission regulations are here and MacDon approached this change in the industry the same way we approach everything... by delivering the best possible performance package to MacDon's customers. MacDon's new M155E4 Self-Propelled Windrowers go above and beyond regulation to bring you the harvesting performance you rely on from MacDon.

Product Details

All M Series Windrowers have received a significant horsepower boost thanks to the addition of Cummins engines across the board. At the top of the scale is the M205 which takes on all challenges thanks to its high powered Cummins turbo diesel engine (220 HP/164 kW at a rated 2200 RPMs) that can automatically power boost to 230 HP (170 kW) when in extreme conditions. Powerful enough to run draper headers up to 40' (12.2 m) this tier 3 engine is fuel efficient and environment friendly. Equipped with Intermediate Speed Control (ISC) all header functions operate at full power with reduced engine RPM for increased fuel savings. Both the M155 and M105 also enjoy upgraded power with new tier 3 Cummins engines of their own.
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