Nikkel Iron Works Corp. Valley Town Vineyard Duster

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Standard Features Model VT10: Easy turning: A narrow profile makes turns at the and of rows easy and allow dusting late in the season when foliage is heavy. Trouble free: P.T.O. driven the Valleytown Duster requires minimal power. It's almost maintenance free with few moving parts and no plugged nozzles or hoses to contend with. All drive parts are easily accessible and ball bearings are grease sealed. The hopper holds an ample 200 pounds of material. Hookup is 3 point Cat. I. Coverage for your conditions: A simple adjustment controls the amount of sulphur applied to vines to suit your conditions. Thorough coverage: Adjustable louvres direct the air flow from Valleytown's jet fan. The extreme turbulence of air carrying the sulphur dust results in exceptionally thorough coverage inside the vines and on leaf undersides even in heavy foliage. Adjustable drive chain idler with sealed ball bearing Conveniently located grease points No zerks inside the hopper Volume of dust can be adjusted using the control handle with calibrating guide. Main belt tension idler - main drive belt is always in proper tension.
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