Schmeiser Finishing Chisel Ripper SFC

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The SFC is the solution to loosen the top 12-15-in. of soil. It's ideal for opening up ground for aeration. Put a twist point on the chisel shank and it becomes the right tool for rice stalk incorporation. It's available in 2 or 3 bars with shanks on 12-in. effective spacings. Features: Category III & IV narrow 3 point quick hitch mountable Available in two and three bar configurations Specially reinforced frame for gauging 5-in. x 5-in. heavy wall structural tubing Welded pockets equipped with shear bolts 1-1/4-in. x 30-in. shanks on 12-in. spacing - 3/4-in. X 15-in. reversible alfalfa spike points (2-1/4-in. bolt spacing) 36-in. bar spacing for optimum trash flow Options: Standard-duty gauge wheels with 9.5-in. x 15-in. implement rib tires Heavy-duty gauge wheels with 12.5-in. x 16-in. implement rib tires Heavy-duty gauge wheels with dual steel wheels Heavy-duty gauging cranks (acme thread EZ adjust) Heavy-duty trail hitch folding for 3 bar models Available 13' to 27' wide Folding models available
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