Schmeiser V-Blade Leveler_ VBL

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The Schmeiser V Blade Leveler is the ideal tool for spring leveling of orchard floors that are flood irrigated. The V Blade Leveler will knock down the high spots and fill in the low areas that are created from trash left from harvest or ruts from tractor tires. This becomes a problem during irrigation when water tends to run on one side or the other but not evenly down the roads. Schmeiser's V Blade slices and crowds dirt to the center then it pushes dirt back towards the outside (continuously cutting and filling). The rear smoothing plate acts as a stabilizer to firm and flatten the soil as well. The reversible cutting blades are curved so dirt trash and vegetation is sliced and rolled (like a roadgrader blade). Blade mounts are slotted so cutting depth can be adjusted. Berm Scrapers are available on this model.
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