Sunflower 2510 Chisel

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There's no better way to improve water and nutrient infiltration than to break up the hardpan. To accomplish this the 2500 Series features a heavy-duty 4_ x 4_ tubular welded frame walking tandems and gauge wheels on every full wing frame. These components combine to keep the chisel points at depth no matter how rolling the terrain. Chose the shank to match the task: the 650-pound conventional flat shanks with extension springs will provide soil shatter in lighter soils. The heavier 1000-pound _On-Edge_ shanks can work deeper into heavier soils. A level-lift hitch is standard equipment on all models an optional floating hitch with synchronized hydraulic gauge wheels for ground hugging performance in rolling terrain is available on sizes 31'and larger. To get the field finish to satisfy your program chose from three finishing attachments available for the SF2500 Series chisel plows.
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