Weiss McNair B89 Blower

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The machine that_s redefined auger windrowing capacity, reliability, conditioning and windrow formation: these are the hallmarks of a great auger windrow. They are also exactly what you get with MacDon_s A Series Augers thanks to the single-minded efforts of MacDon_s engineers to produce the best auger windrower possible. They started their design jMacDon'sney by examining every contact point with the crop and enhancing each one so that crop flow and handling remain optimized under a wide range of conditions. The result is significantly increasedcapacity in just about all hay and forage crops.

Product Details

The Weiss McNair heavy duty B89 two way blower is designed to clean tree rows in the toughest harvest conditions. This blower can clean one tree row or the opposite tree row or both tree rows at once. The B89 series features can be easily adapted to farms industrial parks golf courses race tracks etc. for moving leaves and debris quickly and economically. Air Gate to control air out each side comes standard.