Weiss McNair JD80LP Low Profile Sweeper

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FEATURES _ On-the-go hydraulic drive of reel, sickle, auger and conditioner allows the operator to be in full control of all aspects of hay and forage harvesting from the operator_s seat (header drive reversing requires valve on SP tractor and is only available on M205 and M155 models) _ Cam forward reel tine control reduces loading on bearings and cam-track for quieter operation and longer life _ Highly durable poly auger pans for improved crop flow and reduced dirt build up and rock damage _ N-bar non-contact steel conditioner rolls for optimum conditioning action _ Optional double windrower attachment

Product Details

JD80LP an industry first Low Profile Self-Propelled Sweeper that is the perfect height for high density planted orchards with very low canopies. With a Cab height of only 53 inches this powerful unit is 13 inches lower than the standard height air cab sweeper. Powered by a John Deere 4045-D 80hp engine and heavy duty Torque hub drive system it is available with either a low profile tine bar or auger type sweeper head. Standard air conditioning provides driver comfort while the dust free pressurized cab allows for more efficient operations. NOTE: THIS MODEL IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. IT WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH 2016.