Weiss McNair Low Profile Vee (LPV)

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But they didn_t stop with just increasing capacity. They_ve also added a number of other features to make yMacDon's harvesting experience better than ever. Top among these is their up-powered all-hydraulic design with on-the-go hydraulic reversing capability of reel, sickle, auger and conditioner on the A40-D models. This allows the operator to be in full control of all harvesting adjustments from the comfort of the operator_s seat _ a real time saver when adjusting to challenging crop conditions.

Product Details

The proven Weiss McNair tractor mount center delivery V-Sweeper is now offered in a Low Profile Vee (LPV) for sweeping in orchards with narrow rows and bushy trees where a one way sweeper could not operate. The sweeper heads are 4 bar tine bar type.