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When your farm, packing shed, warehouse, or business needs to rent additional equipment, call J.M. Equipment for all of your rental needs.


J.M. Equipment has many brands and types of equipment in a variety of sizes for your need:

  • Tractors
  • Farm equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Aerial equipmen
  • Pallet jacks
  • Batteries chargers
  • Rough terrain lifts
  • Attachments

And more, are readily available in our 800 plus unit fleet.

Rental Programs

Our rental programs are customer tailored and priced to benefit our customers needs. Programs range from daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, or multi-year plans. Long term rentals with maintenance and rental/purchase option plans are also offered and have served many of our customers for years.

Yard Ramp Rental

For your temporary dock needs or for in field loading of trailers, J.M. Equipment Company has a number of these portable yard ramps available for rent or for sale.

  • These ramps are from 16,000 lb to 25,000 lb capacity and they are 36’ long for easy trailer loading.
  • They are easily transported on equipment trailers to your field, farm, or business.
  • Renting a portable yard ramp can speed up your operation and save you money in addition to being safer than other means of loading.
  • Portable yard ramps can be rented by the day, week, month, seasonally, or on any schedule that suits your needs.Ask about our rent to own program.


Insurance Requirements

Thank you for choosing J.M. Equipment as your rental equipment supplier.

Proper Insurance Coverage

As the business climate in California changes, we want to keep you up to date on regulations that rental companies are required to comply with in order to maintain proper insurance coverage. For years, general liability insurance was sufficient to cover equipment that was lost or damaged while on rent. This has now changed.

Coverage Proof

Insurance carriers are now requiring certificates of insurance (proof of coverage) on all rental equipment that is out of the rental company’s possession. This requires us to obtain a certificate of insurance from you insurance carrier, naming J.M. Equipment Co., Inc. as additionally insured for any loss related to the rental equipment, while at your facility or jobsite. These certificates must be provided in advance of the rental delivery.

We encourage you to send us a certificate even if you already have one on file. The new certificate should include language of coverage for “any and all rented equipment” from J.M. Equipment Co., Inc. This will preclude us from having to get additional certificates for each piece of equipment rented.

Proper Insurance Coverage

If properly formatted certificates are not on file with our office in advance of a rental delivery, J.M. Equipment, as a service to our customers, will provide supplemental insurance for a nominal fee, as an additional item on your rental invoice. The fee (a percentage of the invoice amount) provides you with a loss/damage waiver that meets the minimum requirements mandated by our insurance carrier.

The coverage provided is limited in nature, and includes a deductible which will be owed by the renter in the case of damage or loss. Upon request we can provide you with a copy of the coverage details, and recommend that you review them fully, should you choose not to provide an insurance certificate from your carrier.

Our Promise

We thank you for your business throughout the years. You have our promise that we will do everything we can to make this insurance process as seamless and trouble free as possible.

If you care to file this certificate with us in advance, please contact our rental coordinator at (209) 275-6264.


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E-mail: rentals@jmequipment.com

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